Ankit Joshi



Wireless ad hoc network does not have any centralized server but is a decentralized, independent of any pre-established infrastruture network. The nodes in the network are themselves responsible for routing the packets from the source to the destination. These nodes are also responsible to make the transfer of packets secure. This type of network is very vulnerable to different types of attacks. Thus, all the nodes in the network also have to make sure that there are no malicious nodes in the network, and if found, these nodes should be isolated and dealt with by the members of the network.


This project establishes a wireless ad-hoc network with the help of a simulator (assuming that all the packets reach the destination). The nodes created in the simulator are made to communicate with each other and also few malicious nodes are created in the network so that we can test if the purpose of the project, i.e. to isolate the malicious nodes and to deliver the paket from source to destination, works properly. Several tests have been run to check if the project is working properly.